3 year Performance Course

Audition Fee: £35

Acceptance Fee: £100

Tuition Fee: £2,500 (per term)

DDI/DDE Courses – Information, Fees and Dates upon request.

Audition and Acceptance Fees are non-returnable. All fees are payable in advance and are due on the first day of each term. Fees cannot be refunded for absence or ill health.

Part-Time Course

We offer a varied spectrum of classes for part-timer students. Speak to us now about your requirements.

Tuition Fee:  Varied dependant on lessons taken (per term)

Examination Fees

Entrants are advised that the entrance fees levied by the Examination Boards are in addition to these quoted above.



Withdrawal from the College

The College reserves the right to require the withdrawal from the College of any student who does not appear likely to benefit from the training provided. One full terms notice in writing must be given by a student or parent (if applicable) wishing to withdraw from the College. Should a student be withdrawn without such notice being given, it is part of the contract between the student and/or parent and the College that a full terms fee for the term next following in addition to any fees for the term in which the student is withdrawn.