Our 3 year performance course is not designed for the faint hearted, but if you are up for the challenge and you grasp the opportunity with both hands the course will gift you with all the tools to create your career. From building technical precision, industry guest workshops, competitions end of year showcases’ the Three Year Performance course at DNA will keep you on your “demi pointes.”
More and more industry professionals understand that excellent training is not enough to get through the ups and downs of the arts world. So we decided to provide the best available qualifications in teacher training. This will provide you as working professional with the tools to survive between jobs and still remain in your chosen field of work. Students have the opportunity take their DDI (Diploma in Dance Instruction) Level 3 DDE (Diploma In Dance Education) Level 4 as an extra curricular activity.
All students take part in performance projects throughout the year such as;
Singing competition – Choreo competition – Pantomime – Move it – Monologue slam – Annual Show
Classes throughout the 3 years will include the following: Classical ballet, Acrobatics / Tumbling, Contemporary, Tap, Modern, Acting, Private singing, Ensemble singing, Body Conditioning, Musical theatre, Jazz, Commercial, Hip-hop, Pilates, Yoga, Business Education, Dance Technology, Pas de Deux.

Year ONE aka the Technique Year!

The main focus for the first year is building a good technical foundation, so the student can then build to a better development of movement without technical limitations.  They will extend their vocabulary of dance by being introduced to some unfamiliar styles that they possibly have not worked on previously  We also aim for students to obtain their intermediate/adv 1 examination in either ballet, tap, modern or all three.  There is a  strong emphasis on confidence, learning life as a dancer and healthy eating as a dance athlete.  The first year is the most daunting yet exciting year but we are here to guide all our student through.
  • Technique: Strive for progress, not perfection

Year TWO aka the Perseverance Year!

Students will continue building their technique in all genres to help expand their technical knowledge.
A development of confidence will now mean students will engage and work on artistic quality and presentation, helping them identifying a deeper understanding of performance quality.
Students may also begin to identify an area of specialisation that will guide their training in the third year.
There will be a continued emphasis working towards examinations in Adv1/Adv2 in with ballet, tap, modern or all three.
Students are also able to now begin the DDI training if they wish to pursue the teacher training.
  • Personality:  Talent will get you in the door, but character will keep you in the room

Year THREE aka the Cherry On Top Year!

The third year entails a lot of nervous yet eager energy as they prepare for their final year.  Students will continue to expand all that has been gained in their first two years as well as being able to identify a career path and destination.  Audition technique and preparation for a professional industry job will be the main focus, helping the individual to crete all that is needed leading up to an audition.  Students will be guided with their CV, photos, showreel, image, portfolios and overall presentation and manner needed for an audition. After all of this the student is ready to graduate, but DON’T WORRY it won’t be the last they will hear from us. We will check on you now and then to see how you’re doing and help, support or give you a little nudge in the right direction.
  • Determination: You’re not here to be average, You’re here to be awesome

Withdrawal from the College

The College reserves the right to withdraw any student who does not appear likely to benefit from the training provided. One full terms notice in writing must be given by a student or parent (if applicable) wishing to withdraw from the College. Should a student be withdrawn without such notice being given, it is part of the contract between the student and/or parent and the College that a full terms fee becomes due immediately.