Did Someone Say A Scavenger Hunt?

On your marks, get set, GOOOOO!

I’ll set the scene for you… bunch of dancers, Covent Garden, mobile phones and a list of tasks… Put down your shoes for once darling, that’s what DNA Studios students got up to on cloudy but pleasant January day.

Today was all about the power of social media and using it to its full potential! As you know we are living in a society that is based around technology and especially social media therefore why not take full advantage of it. It’s most defiantly opened up my eyes to how much we rely on our phones and how social media can have a positive effect on you if you use it in the right way. But before we all turned into headless chickens running around London, we were lucky enough to watch the Royal Ballet Company in class at ‘The Royal Opera House’. It was so inspiring to watch, but it did have all of us wishing for 180 degrees turnout and legs that reached a new level of flexibility and it certainly does question your commitment to this industry and how much work it takes to succeed. But all positive vibes were glowing off us. I will certainly recommend going to see them in class, the tickets are super cheap and it’s something different to watch. Dancer or non-dancing freak, it truly shows the ‘behind the scenes’ and how much work and dedication even professionals still do to produce that final flawless show you as the public witness. So what you waiting for? Book some tickets, go and have a cry at their perfect technique.  Now back to scavenger hunt…

I bet you are all wondering what we got up to and what the tasks involved were? I was at first as curious as everyone I mentioned it to. I’ld receive the same puzzled look as if I was mad but believe me, it was so much fun and a fab day out. Before the tasks commenced we split into two teams, 1st year vs 2nd/3rd’s. Being a 2nd student of course I am going to be biased towards that team when writing this post but I suppose I will make it fair and ‘professional’.
Okay, so… Our designated groups huddle outside the Royal Opera House, things were starting to get competitive already and we were getting restless waiting for the first task to be set. All of our tasks were posted on our teams group chat using ‘Whatsapp’ therefore we could all see the task that was set. Team rules-  “All missions must be documented by posting to your individual accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #’s so we can find the pictures” Basically once we had completed a task we had to upload it to all accounts and using the hashtags stated with that task in order to complete that mission. Only when ALL members of each group had posted the answer then will the task be noted as completed and then the next one sent. Let’s just say there was a lot of screaming at phones, asking randomers to take photos while we pose outside random places. Three, two, one, actionnn.

Ping, ping, zzzzz… All our group phones go off at once and we scan the text message as fast as we can.”Bloch shop, I know where that is” A herd of dancers run like they have just seen food after a long day of rehearsals to the Bloch shop and bursting into the shop asking when the first pair of pointe shoes were made. Got the answer, posed outside the shop and uploaded it to social media and hash tagged the answer. Done, task one completed. Ping, ping, zzzzz… Next task sent. Throughout the mission we was sent all over Covent Garden, from posing outside the five telephone boxes, outside the famous Pineapple dance studios, Singing and dancing in the square, laying down in public and outside theatres. My favourite task was “Wait for a familiar face”. Now by this time both teams were tied, as we were following the 1st years progress online and we had completed the same amount of tasks. My team waited outside ‘The Actors Church’ underneath the columns in the Piazza and spotted the 1st years disappear round a corner. We had no idea who we should be looking out for and had random guesses to get an idea. Suddenly we see our competition emerge from the corner and approach, we gathered they were waiting for the same person which made us spread out and have eyes on every corner possible ready to pounce on the victim. The task was to get a picture with this person and hash tag relating to them. No luck, no person for a while, hungry eyes wait. Out of nowhere someone shouts “Its Rosina!!” Screaming kids run towards our contemporary teacher who is scared for her life at this point and bracing herself for endless amounts of photo’s being taken. Pretty sure the whole of Covent Garden turned round to witness this event and people thought it was someone famous being spotted. Task completed and both teams run off in a blink of a eye to the next task leaving Rosina on her own to peace and quiet again. Phones started to die and run out of battery (thanks apple…) which made it hard for our teams to post. I must add that my trusty non iphone still had over half battery left and going strong, Android all the way!! Towards the end we lost hope and thought the 1st years had over taken and plodded on with the remaining tasks sulking like 5 year olds. The last task was to find the finishing line which was a juice and smoothie company called ‘Blend and Press’. Dragging our feet and complaining like sore losers we spotted the 1st years going in completely the wrong direction! This was it, we could steal the win, we could see the light that was bringing us out of out miserly and this changed our attitude completely and had us running like mad people again towards the finishing line. *Watch the video on DNA’s Instagram to see us winning the final task. Shouting the password ‘DNALIFE’ at the people in the shop to enable us to win, it got all very exciting for my team. We couldn’t believe it! We had won! The first years came a good five minutes after as they had got lost. GO team 2nd and 3rds! Overall both teams did fantastic and it was such a fab/ creative idea to do. The day ended on a high and both teams enjoyed some fresh blended juices and tired out from the day. Workout completed and brain power empty!

Successful day in London.If you want to see all the photo’s from this wonderful day out search the hash tags #DNAmission #DNAlife  #watchusworkit. Or follow DNA Studios on social media https://twitter.com/dnastudios_

DNA stands for DO Nothing Average, says it all the name and this day was just one of exciting things we get up here to prove this. If you think you have got what it takes to be train at this exciting new college make sure you apply now and audition soon. You won’t want to miss out!

Bethany Trower.

Blog- www.bethanyandyou.blogspot.co.uk